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TAIZI CASA was founded in 1999, always take "wisdom to create comfortable life" as its mission, and “build a national brand with international vision” as its vision. We are committed to providing comfortable, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective one-stop home furnishings solutions for Chinese families.

Over the years, TAIZI CASA focus on the research and development, production and sales of home furnishings products, such as whole house design, customization, furnitures, soft decoration and etc. Now it has more than 1300 acres of Intelligent home furnishings manufacturing base in Chengdu Tianqiong Industrial Park, more than 1200 stores spread all over the country. It own a brand new pattern which included European style, American Style, Chinese Style and Fashionable Style these four styles and other morn than 20 series. It has gradually become a model of Chinese home furnishings brand.

TAIZI CASA insist on “ starting from customer needs and ending with customer satisfaction”,having an insight into the future trend of home furnishings with a broader horizon. With innovation-driven development, TAIZI CASA focus on building international design and research centers, quality inspection centers, intelligent manufacturing centers and warehousing and logistics centers and etc. Continuously optimize the industrial structure, enhance the core competitiveness to achieve leapfrog development to platform enterprises in the home furnishings industry.

In the furniture, TAIZI CASA will create a New Model, New Form and New Ecology of home furnishings industry through "Industry + Tourism", and integrate the industry resources efficiently, fully Integrate the interaction of the Three Industries, ultimately realize “the symbiosis of production, life and ecology” and “the integration of Scenic spots, parks and communities”. Thus, a new chapter TAIZI CASA will be written.

Understand Every Requirement Of Human Body To Household, Respect Comfortable Enjoyment, With 20 Years International Household Intelligence To Make Experience, Glitter The Inspiration , Light Of Comfortable Life Let You Sit Comfortably, Lie Comfortably, Live Comfortably!

Build a factory in Guandu, Kunming. Named as Guandu TAZI sofa factory. At that time, produced 2-3 styles for sofa, Roma 8 is the major products.


Build a factory in Guandu, Kunming. Named as Guandu TAZI sofa factory. At that time, produced 2-3 styles for sofa, Roma 8 is the major products.


Relocated at Wuhou new temple in Chengdu, start the second venture with the brand of Hongkong TAIZI. It had 3 workshops and more than 100 staff, monthly production reached 1000 sets. Opened one direct-sale store in Chengdu BAYI FURNITURE CITY, and set up distribution point in Chongqing, Ji'nan, Zhengzhou and Urumqi.


In order to enlarge the production capacity, Chengdu Factory was relocated and extended. A 50 acres of standard modern professional sofa production base was builded up in Jiujiang, Shuangliu, Chengdu.


Hong Kong TAIZI CASA company limited was officially established. Signed strategic agreement with Israel FLOCKTEX company, and introduce flocking environmental antifouling fabrics( has core intelligence manufacturing technology).

Household Philosophy

Understand Every Requirement Of Human Body To Household,
Respect Every Life To The Desire Of Comfortable Enjoyment, With 20 Years International
Household Intelligence To Make Experience,
Glitter The Inspiration Light Of Comfortable Life, Let You Sit Comfortably!


Ge Honglin, the mayor of Chengdu visited TAIZI CASA


An investment agreement was signed with the Qionglai Yang’an government of Chengdu.The total investment is more than 200 million yuan, the foundation of 280 acres of large soft furniture manufacturing base was began.


•280-acres manufacturing base is under construction. More than 300 stores across the country.
•Donated 2 times to the Wenchuan Wenchuan earthquake disaster area, totaling 2 million yuan.


•The 1st Stage of TAIZI 280-acres intelligent manufacturing base went into operation.
•In July, the company added 100 million yuan to build the 2nd stage of intelligent manufacturing base which is 160 acres.


•The 2nd Stage of TAIZI intelligent manufacturing base went into operation. More than 500 stores across the country.
•Signed the agreement of 3rd stage of intelligent manufacturing base which is 680 acres, with a total investment of more than 500 million yuan.


Suite Business department was establish on 26th Nov. The developing TAZI CASA has already had 4 major business departments and 10 intelligent factories. TAIZI CASA is a comprehensive intelligent manufacturing enterprise which has several sereis of home furnishing products, and has more than 800 stores in the same year which include more than 500 stores larger than 800 square meters.


•Officially cooperated with Mr. Louis Koo in brand strategy on 5th September, started brand new upgrading of TAIZI CASA. •Donated 1 million yuan to Lushan earthquake in Ya'an


Confirmed the title of Sichuan famous brand, enter the experts review of safety standardization


•Convening the brand conference of "Wisdom originates from innovation, enjoyment originates from excellence”. Mr. Louis Koo, the spokesman for brand image, was invited to attend.
•Online flagship store of TAIZI CASA official launched on Tmall.


•Base on the 3rd stage of intelligent manufacturing base, the upgrading prelude which takes “industry convergence, culture and creative driving, industry upgrading” as the core has already been pulled.
•TAIZI CASA launched new home textiles sereis of TAIZI HOMEY which took one solid step to extend home furnishing industry.
•There are more than 1200 stores across the country, with sales exceeding 2 billion.
•The 20 thousand square meters exhibition hall of TAIZI 3rd stage intelligent manufacturing base was officially opened.


•TAIZI CASA has already began to implement its intelligent manufacturing base of 3rd stage to complete the national 4A level scenic spots and industrial tourism spots, at the same time, submitted the declaration to the relevant departments.
•The independent home furnishing fashion brand BANNER STORE, which is invested by TAIZI CASA, was officially established. Furnitures and home decorations especially for young people are officially unveiled, and officially landed on Tmall.


We have professional teams to develop new products, specializing in furniture development for 20 years. We can develop fashionable, warm and high-grade new products according to modern market demanding. Production line workers have high quality, high skill, high demand and high standard and always endeavoring to do still better. There are hundreds of employees who have worked for more than 10 years, and countless employees work more than 5 years.

Research and Development Center

Corporate with international top home designers, Introducing the most advanced design concept into products, Add more aesthetic feeling to the user's home life.

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